Apps for Volunteers helping pets before, during, and after a disaster 




Emergency Pet Shelter Module

This stand alone web-based module allows volunteers to document the care of each pet at an emergency pet shelter.  The interface was designed with volunteers in mind to help keep the process simple with an easy to use interface that works on mobile devices as well as computer browsers. 

The process starts with a volunteer logging into the system to begin entering the contact information for the person dropping off the pets.  The Waiver provides the guidelines of the shelter which must read and agreed to the terms to leave the pet.  If a pet is in need of urgent care, that is documented so the Vet or Vet Tech will address the medical needs.

The details of each Pet's Profile is submitted completing the Intake process.  Now, volunteers can begin documenting any Vet or Vet Tech interventions, all the care a pet receives, if they leave the Shelter for any temporary duration as well as the final release.  In this first phase we also have a very basic volunteer profile and log for tracking time.  

Master Roster

This screenshot shows the Master Animal Roster that displays all the active Pets in the Emergency Shelter.  From here you can ADD a new pet, see the Daily Care Summary of all pets, or click on a pet Profile.

 Master Roster


Daily Care Summary

This screenshot shows all the pets in the shelter in a summary presentation of the care they have received organized by days. As you can see in this image, this quick view gives volunteers a way to check on the status of care for all pets on a single screen.  To see the details of a pet, clicking on the photo will link to the Pet Profile.

Daily Care

Medical Care Summay

 This feature allows a volunteer to enter in medical issues about the pet.  This summary screens shows the medical team who needs care and the urgency of the care.

Medical care

Pet Profile

This screenshots shows the details of a completed Intake form that generates the Pet Profile.  From the profile additional information can be added such as the daily care this pet receives, vet care that is provided, as well as documenting any temporary outings of the pet as well as the final release of the pet that provides a PDF of all the care given while at the shelter.

pet profile