– Future Modules – 


It’s a challenge to run a disaster animal rescue team made up of volunteers, but EASApp™ quickly gets all hands on deck and helps volunteers hit the ground running. EASApp™ is actively developing and enhancing features for emergency pet shelters and disaster volunteer training. Modules such as:


Contacts IconCONTACTS

Gather and create a contact list of local, regional and state resources and infrastructures. A vital tool to help disaster victims and volunteers locate businesses, shelters, medical veterinarian facilities, donors, pet food suppliers and even pet-friendly hotels.



Choose from several templates to generate daily reports for local, regional and state disaster statistics as well as deployment summary data for FEMA reporting. Simple and flexible for emergency volunteers and shelter teams.



Prepare custom "to-do list” templates before disaster strikes to ensure a safe and successful shelter launch. Shelter Managers correspond with team members by text notifications, aligning their experience and availability to the shelter’s predefined roles and schedule.


Finance IconMONEY

Track finances – from donations to expenses – with an easy-to-use and streamlined interface that can be done on a phone or computer. When the disaster response is completed, use the documentation to generate reports and share financial data.


Inventory Supplies IconINVENTORY

Efficiently track and manage all inventory and supplies, knowing their precise location, stock count and position. Upload and save at-glance photos of supplies to demonstrate their storage solution and whereabouts.


Resources IconRESOURCES

Learn basic general information about disaster sheltering and shelter management with video tutorials and EASApp™ tips. Store resources and documentation to help emergency shelters and volunteers in future disasters.