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CVDART Testing Emergency Pet Shelter Module

CVDART Testing Emergency Pet Shelter Module

On August 10, 2022 the CVDART team tested the first version of the Disaster Pet Shelter Module.  We set up teams of 2 people to role play with one taking on the Volunteer role while the other played the part of a pet owner.  Every team was given a scenario with different variables to test the new tool.  

BLOG angie cathy blurThis was the first time we tested this outside of the development team and found the exercise to be extremely useful.  What was most clear was the need to have more volunteers to test to ensure the tool reflects the needs for various types of disaster situations around the country.

Everyone seemed pleased with the upgrade from the GoCanvas experience they had last encountered back in 2021 as this now has all of the functions for tracking information about Pets while staying at an emergency shelter.  A new member who had no exposure to previous testing was able to use the tool with no training or guidance which is very good news since our goal is to have volunteers across the country use the Disaster Pet Shelter module.

It was also clear we would need additional funds to complete this first round of development to make this available for use by volunteers around the country.  While the grant from State Farm made this possible, the development team has determined that we will need another $10,000 to make this ready for use.