Apps for Volunteers helping pets before, during, and after a disaster 



CVDART using Beta Shelter Module During the Relentless Flooding

Live Beta Testing During Vermont Flooding Disaster in July, 2023.

Six volunteers with the Central Vermont DART stood up a pet-friendly shelter in cooperation with the American Red Cross at the Barre Auditorium July 10.  Using the beta version of DARTCC's Shelter Module, they have been able to focus on the care of the pets and not the paperwork.

CVDART crew sheltering pets during 2023 flooding in VermontThe 5 volunteers pictured here were on duty for 24 hours straight. The shelter had 25 animals as of about 2 am Tuesday morning, and the population continues to fluctuate.  Since opening, more than 55 pets have been cared for by CVDART.

'VDART is using the DART CC application for the first time in a real-life disaster situation and it hasn't disappointed. It's allowed our volunteers to efficiently gather information and monitor the care of the animals in our charge, and provided owners with a full accounting of the care their pets have received in the emergency pet shelter," said VDART board chair Joanne Bourbeau.

The flooding has been devistating as many of those were also impacted by hurricane Irene in 2011.  We are pleased that CVDART has been able to use our beta version during this extended crisis!  It is heartwarming that our tool is helping pets and volunteers during this troubling time.