Apps for Volunteers helping pets before, during, and after a disaster 



DART CC Spoke at the Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference

Using Technology to Improve Emergency Pet Sheltering During a Disaster

DART CC and VDART spoke at the Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference in Killington, Vermont on September 21, 2022.  They also partnered to host a table at the conference.  

The Central Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team (CVDART), a regional team of the statewide Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team (VDART), has spent over 3 years investigating, defining, and creating prototypes for a mobile application to improve and standardize the preparation and management of a temporary emergency pet shelter. 

joanne VEMC 2022The result of this effort is the development of the mobile application, DART Command Central, an easy-to-use interface designed for non-technical volunteers. The Emergency Pet Shelter Module will be made available to local DART teams at no charge.  As partners on the ground, this important tool will help both DARTs and local emergency management officials streamline processes, manage important data, standardize training, and ultimately reunite more pets with their families.”