Apps for Volunteers helping pets before, during, and after a disaster 



Semi-annual NASAAEP Conference May 2022

NASAAEP Conference May 2022

Deb presented an overview of in wireframes of the new Emergency Pet Shelter Module at the semi-annual conference for the National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs.  The three day event was a great opportunity to meet people from across the country dedicated to helping animals during a disaster.  

For Deb, the event was very educational as her background is web/mobile application development.  Understanding how FEMA and state agencies work together, specifically during a disaster was very helpful to see where the potential partnerships could be.  It was also revealing where there are gaps in consistency for training, resources for teams, and managing information that needs to be shared from local volunteers through local government, to state and federal agencies.  There is a great opportunity to help define better training and documentation practices for volunteers who manage emergency pet shelters during a disaster.  Our goal is to help streamline this process and make it easier to share information.

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