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Emergency Animal Shelter App Receives $5,000 Grant From State Farm

Jericho, VT – January 29, 2024 – DART Command Central, a nonprofit developing a mobile app that helps communities prepare for disasters and manage temporary emergency pet shelters, is pleased to announce a grant of $5,000 provided by State Farm.

During the unprecedented flooding in the Vermont region, volunteers from disaster animal rescue teams successfully implemented DARTCC’s beta Shelter Module. This systematic method for monitoring and recording the care of pets proved effective. Recognizing the risks and uncertainties that disaster emergencies bring to their policyholders, State Farm has been committed to aiding recovery efforts and has consistently contributed to the DARTCC mission.


“State Farm was the first to provide financial support for our project,” says Deb Shelby, Founder and Executive Director of DARTCC. “They were our first grant, demonstrating their belief in our cause and efforts. Moreover, they have sustained that support, which we greatly appreciate as we push forward.”


This is only the beginning of our fundraising effort. To date, our work has been carried out by volunteers. However, with this funding, we can devote more time to the application and prototyping of new features. Yet, substantial additional funding is required to realize the complete shelter module envisioned, including the development of an offline mobile app to assist volunteers in managing pet shelters during disaster emergencies.


Disaster emergencies, such as the 100-year floods in Vermont, underscore the heightened importance of disaster preparedness. DARTCC has provided a paperless Shelter Module to volunteers and teams at no cost. With additional funding and support, we can further enhance DARTCC to better prepare for such disasters.

PDF of DARTCC Press Release State Farm 5K Grant 2024