Apps for Volunteers helping pets before, during, and after a disaster 



State Farm Grant 2022

In the fall of 2021, VDART applied for a grant from State Farm to be used to pay for programming the Disaster Pet Shelter Module.  When the awarded grant was received by VDART in February, 2022, it was a delight to all that $10,000 would be available to begin the programming of the Disaster Pet Shelter module.

NASAAEP Conference May 2022

Deb presented an overview of in wireframes of the new Emergency Pet Shelter Module at the semi-annual conference for the National Alliance of State Animal and Agricultural Emergency Programs.  The three day event was a great opportunity to meet people from across the country dedicated to helping animals during a disaster.  

Securing 501-c3 Status

After working for 3 years with the CVDART members and receiving a grant from State Farm, it was time to start DART Command Central. 

The best way to be able to provide the software to volunteers for free was to apply for grants, accept donations, corporate sponsorships, and build an organization that will help educate communities to prepare for disasters and run emergency pet shelters during a disaster and be a nonprofit organization.